There is no age requirement to Greatness
There is no age requirement to Greatness
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Impacting Students

Do you remember as a kid, being told, "Do not worry, you are a KID, you have time." Have you ever felt powerless for being young? Felt like you were unable to do anything? Felt as if, being a "kid" was not exactly a good thing? I'm sure that no matter your age, you have experienced something similar to this. 

It is as if there is only one certain mold built, refined, and "perfected" for every single kid out there, The Teenage Model. A mold where it is almost impossible to express your creativity. A mold where you get shamed for being different. The youth should feel empowered, not ashamed.  

If you or someone you know, specifically your students have ever felt as described, James wants to help. Growing up in a broken home he knows what it feels like to be scared and uncertain of his future, feeling the pressure to fit in because being different is "weird."Through his story he shares how he overcame this mold and is now able to express his creativity in a way he was able to define. 

James has a way of truly captivating any and all students with his high energy yet emotional approach to speaking. All of our kids and students are unique and deserve to know. Intentional about empowering and encouraging every age group by means of mentorships, personal development training and clothing with a purpose James seeks to remind all students that there is no age requirement to greatness. 

Lets let the students speak for themselves.